Kering Foundation Awards

A decade combating violence against women

The biennial Kering Foundation Awards, created in 2008, support and recognize social entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas to put an end to violence against women. These Awards, alongside partnerships with local NGOs and awareness-raising, are a fundamental part of three pillars of the Kering Foundation’s mission to end the violence that impacts 1 in 3 women worldwide.

For this 2018 edition, the Foundation awards seven social entrepreneurs from three continents, up from three winners in previous editions. For the first time, in addition to a financial grant ranging from €5,000 to €10,000 and two years of mentorship under the guidance of Kering experts, each winner benefits from a six-month incubation program with a social innovation expert. This new start-up collaboration is designed to focus each organization’s needs, in order to maximize impact on the lives of the women and men they support.


3 Continents, 3 Social Innovators Experts and 4 Juries

In order to select and support entrepreneurial projects with the potential to serve the greatest social purpose, the Kering Foundation partners with local specialists in each region for both the pre-selection and the social incubation stages.


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Discover the change-makers whose innovations turn lives around for good.

Beijing Yuanzhong Gender Development Center, China

The Beijing Yuanzhong Gender Development Center addresses the psychological trauma of women affected by domestic violence through on and offline trainings and counseling.


Callisto, US

Callisto is an online documentation and reporting system that empowers and restores options to survivors of sexual assault. The system allows survivors to securely create time-stamped records of their assault and report when they are ready to take action.


Chayn, UK

Chayn is an open-source digital project run solely on the passion of more than 400 skilled volunteers from 15 countries, to create resources to inform and support survivors of violence through podcasts, toolkits, Snapchat and chatbots.


Colori Vivi, Italy

Colori Vivi is a “made in Italy” fashion laboratory where refugee women, led by skilled tailors and stylists, create quality clothing and accessories.



du Pain & des Roses, France

Du Pain & des Roses organizes floral design workshops for women asylum seekers in France, a population that is in need of social integration in a time of extreme uncertainty. These workshops allow the women to develop their creativity and skills, and to regain self-confidence.


GENDES, Mexico

Gendes is reinventing Mexican masculinities by offering complementary support services to men who want to find alternative, non-violent and egalitarian ways of being male, through innovative trainings and awareness raising.



RUN (Rebuild, Unite and Nurture), Hong Kong

The organization RUN (Rebuild, Unite and Nurture) uses running, physical fitness and outdoor adventure to rehabilitate women refugees and asylum seekers who are victims of sexual violence.




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